Lara is back!!

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I can’t wait for this game to come out. Although it is on a timed exclusive with Microsoft, I can’t wait to see this game unfold.

Especially the narrative for the game. It seems filled with incredible locations filled with rich history to explore and have fun with Lara and I can’t wait to see it.

I have always been a Tomb Raider fan and wasn’t nessesarily blown away with the previous instalment of the game but that may of just been because they were almost moulding Lara in a new light that hadn’t been explored before and it was just strange to see Lara like that but now they have brought back a big of the bad ass Lara that everyone know, I’m exciting to see how they present the game.

I’m also really excited to see this new grapple hook Lara has (check out the link)

Although she has had a grapple hook in previous games, I’m excited to see how they have incorporated the hook into this game alongside the new weapons and modes of combat. I have heard that you can control more of Lara’s approaches when being involved with combat with enemies and things like that which shall also be something I will be looking forward to when it is released.
I just hope it is a big step up from the last game and not just something they have chuck together and not thought hard about but let’s just wait and see I guess

Release Date:

November 10, 2015


Overwatch Lookin Good

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Very interesting trailer. I really love that it is entertaining and different. A lovely linear narrative gives the trailer a film kind of feel and kept me completely engaged all the way through. Once again another FPS that has drawn me in but lets see what the games is like once the gameplay is released.

With a game that allows you to choose your hero and choose your role is all the right ingredients for producing an enjoyable and successful game. With working as a team being the main objective, it really gives the game that awesome feeling of uniting with friends and completely missions and becoming the ultimate hero of all time.

I feel this game is going to remind me a lot of Borderlands but i think every game that is a FPS with an element of Sci Fi is going to remind of that so…

Check out the trailer and enjoy the experience for yourself

Bloodborne – I don’t really get it??

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When watching trailers, i feel their job is to grab your attention and get you interested or just show you what the product is all about and what is on offer but with Bloodbourne, i didn’t get any of that.

Especially because this is the first time i am hearing of this game, i will really looking at the game through fresh eyes and an open mind but i was confused for most of the time. There was nothing that really excited and made me want to know more about. I didn’t even find myself concentrating on the actually trailer.

I think they are really not revealing too much about the game but by doing that they have just left me a bit confused and just unsure about the whole thing.

I think as the time draws near to its release, i will gather a complete opinion about this game but for now i am not really impressed. The trailer says nothing for me and i am not excited about it at all.

Far Cry 4 – Can Troy Baker do no wrong??

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What a very well made trailer!!
Although i have never been a Far Cry fan, i have always loved the way they promote their game in their trailer. You really get a feel for characters and what they are all about and they really made an excellent villain in Far Cry.

I know there has been a lot of gossip going on about this game, especially the artwork for the cover but i feel this game is going to be a good one and once you know the villain is voiced by Troy Baker,….you just know it is going to be good.

I have also seen a bit of the gameplay, but i am still not convinced it is my cup of tea. I can’t wait to see more of this game and see what it has to offer. I have no doubt that it will be successful but for me…it has some big titles to go up against but i think Ubisoft have done a great job this year.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division Gameplay

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I am already sold with this game.

I don’t usually like games like this but this just looks incredible. The game just play so smooth and there is sooo much detail in the layout and locations the characters are placed in.

I also love the futurist aspects of the game and how well it is incorporated into the story and the gameplay. The Division just seems like a game that you can just get completely lost, not just by yourself but with you friends as well i can’t wait to jump in and give the game a go!!

Dead Island 2 Trailer

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I have never really been a Dead Island fan so i wouldn’t really know much about the previous instalment but from what i know, i am assuming it is just a cliche zombie game with not much of a strong story compared to games like The Last of Us.


I definitely feel in love with this trailer, i love the humorous aspects they added to their trailer. It was a very fresh way to promote a game i like that it wasn’t like all the other serious and dark games that they are going alongside.

I think i will still be looking out for this game but it is not one of my favourite but this trailer has definitely spiked up my interested about he game and who knows i may become a fan.


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I have honestly been a Tomb Raider fan from day 1. I love that she is such a awesome bad ass female protagonist. I am generally just a lover for strong, independent women and that is definitely who Lara is.

When the 9th instalment of Tomb Raider came out and we didn’t see a badass Lara i was sooo annoyed. I felt that had taken everything that made Lara who she was. They had changed the voice actress and they had made her this delicate female that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But later on in the story you begin to see that Lara develops as a character and that the 9th instalment for Tomb Raider was almost like a prequel for when everything changed for Lara and now the new trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider is what happen after her big adventure.

Not only is my excited building because the new bad ass Lara is back and will probably be badder than every but the graphics are going to be incredible. I know the next generation hardware is going to give it that smooth transition from cinematic to gameplay but also the game will just look incredible.

With Tomb Raider being known for taking Lara Croft to incredible locations around the world, the next gen graphics will definitely do them justice and make a breathtaking experience for anyone playing the game.

I think this is really a chance for the Tomb Raider to kick ass and show what it can do and i can’t wait to see how they will pull it off

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Trailer – Is this really the end??

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Well there has definitely been a lot of gossip surrounding this game due to Naughty Dog having so many major contributors to the franchise leaving but this trailer seems to be showing that Naughty Dog is on the right track

From the first trailer, all we had was a voice to go by and nothing else and people were unsure on who this man was but i think even he has been cut from the final game



Literally the first thing you see is a beautiful close up of Nathan Drake’s face in all its glory and you see the incredible detail that the next generation console has given Drake.

You can also see that the location Drake was in, seem far more realistic and a lot darker than any of the other previous games. I have a feeling that Uncharted is going to be very different to any other title, not just because of the breathtaking graphics but the story i feel is going to be presented a different side to Drake and Sully.


After watching the trailer i realised that Drake was saying to Sully

“Can I count on you, one last time?”

and then Sully says

“Alright Kid,…. One Last Time”

Now, i know in Uncharted 3, the story very much focused on this being not only the final adventure for Drake but also for Sully and possibly i thought that could be the end for Uncharted but obviously there is some unfinished business.

Also, with a title like”A Thief’s End” gives me the feeling that maybe it is the end. Maybe after all the adventures he is going to life a more relaxed laid back life with his best pal Sully.

BUT ALSO, Could Drake being taking Sully too far and this is the “last time” ever for Sully and will Drake be as lucky as he always has.


I am assuming that every thing is still on with Drake and Elena Fisher because the ring can still be seen on his wedding finger in the trailer so Mrs Drake could still be along with the adventure in Uncharted 4 as well.

To conclude.

I feel there are a lot of questions for the latest instalment of Uncharted 4 and i am excited to see what is to come for the game!!

The Order 1886 Gameplay (E3)


I was already extremely excited about this game when i saw the trailer a few months ago. I loved that it was set in London and that they had combined the victorian era with a modern twist.

I noticed that in first gameplay demo i saw, i was able to see the beautiful combat that could be involved through out the game but in the gameplay demo presented at E3 you get to see darker side to the story and the side that involves the mutant beings that resemble new turned zombies with a bit of sense.

I feel this demo was a chance to really show of the hardware in the next gen consoles and how it nicely moves from a cinematic cutscene to gameplay.

For me, this game just gets better and better as i see more of it and i can not wait for its release.

Tracklist Thursday on a Friday…Again

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Since i can’t keep up with the weekly post of making a tracklist on thursday, i am going to try and have just a track on of the week on Friday.

I seem to usually have the time on Friday to blog, so i am try and give this new track of the week a go.

My Track of the Week shall be : Birthday – Katy Perry