Lara is back!!

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I can’t wait for this game to come out. Although it is on a timed exclusive with Microsoft, I can’t wait to see this game unfold.

Especially the narrative for the game. It seems filled with incredible locations filled with rich history to explore and have fun with Lara and I can’t wait to see it.

I have always been a Tomb Raider fan and wasn’t nessesarily blown away with the previous instalment of the game but that may of just been because they were almost moulding Lara in a new light that hadn’t been explored before and it was just strange to see Lara like that but now they have brought back a big of the bad ass Lara that everyone know, I’m exciting to see how they present the game.

I’m also really excited to see this new grapple hook Lara has (check out the link)

Although she has had a grapple hook in previous games, I’m excited to see how they have incorporated the hook into this game alongside the new weapons and modes of combat. I have heard that you can control more of Lara’s approaches when being involved with combat with enemies and things like that which shall also be something I will be looking forward to when it is released.
I just hope it is a big step up from the last game and not just something they have chuck together and not thought hard about but let’s just wait and see I guess

Release Date:

November 10, 2015



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I have honestly been a Tomb Raider fan from day 1. I love that she is such a awesome bad ass female protagonist. I am generally just a lover for strong, independent women and that is definitely who Lara is.

When the 9th instalment of Tomb Raider came out and we didn’t see a badass Lara i was sooo annoyed. I felt that had taken everything that made Lara who she was. They had changed the voice actress and they had made her this delicate female that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But later on in the story you begin to see that Lara develops as a character and that the 9th instalment for Tomb Raider was almost like a prequel for when everything changed for Lara and now the new trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider is what happen after her big adventure.

Not only is my excited building because the new bad ass Lara is back and will probably be badder than every but the graphics are going to be incredible. I know the next generation hardware is going to give it that smooth transition from cinematic to gameplay but also the game will just look incredible.

With Tomb Raider being known for taking Lara Croft to incredible locations around the world, the next gen graphics will definitely do them justice and make a breathtaking experience for anyone playing the game.

I think this is really a chance for the Tomb Raider to kick ass and show what it can do and i can’t wait to see how they will pull it off