Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Trailer – Is this really the end??

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Well there has definitely been a lot of gossip surrounding this game due to Naughty Dog having so many major contributors to the franchise leaving but this trailer seems to be showing that Naughty Dog is on the right track

From the first trailer, all we had was a voice to go by and nothing else and people were unsure on who this man was but i think even he has been cut from the final game



Literally the first thing you see is a beautiful close up of Nathan Drake’s face in all its glory and you see the incredible detail that the next generation console has given Drake.

You can also see that the location Drake was in, seem far more realistic and a lot darker than any of the other previous games. I have a feeling that Uncharted is going to be very different to any other title, not just because of the breathtaking graphics but the story i feel is going to be presented a different side to Drake and Sully.


After watching the trailer i realised that Drake was saying to Sully

“Can I count on you, one last time?”

and then Sully says

“Alright Kid,…. One Last Time”

Now, i know in Uncharted 3, the story very much focused on this being not only the final adventure for Drake but also for Sully and possibly i thought that could be the end for Uncharted but obviously there is some unfinished business.

Also, with a title like”A Thief’s End” gives me the feeling that maybe it is the end. Maybe after all the adventures he is going to life a more relaxed laid back life with his best pal Sully.

BUT ALSO, Could Drake being taking Sully too far and this is the “last time” ever for Sully and will Drake be as lucky as he always has.


I am assuming that every thing is still on with Drake and Elena Fisher because the ring can still be seen on his wedding finger in the trailer so Mrs Drake could still be along with the adventure in Uncharted 4 as well.

To conclude.

I feel there are a lot of questions for the latest instalment of Uncharted 4 and i am excited to see what is to come for the game!!


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