Bloodborne – I don’t really get it??

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When watching trailers, i feel their job is to grab your attention and get you interested or just show you what the product is all about and what is on offer but with Bloodbourne, i didn’t get any of that.

Especially because this is the first time i am hearing of this game, i will really looking at the game through fresh eyes and an open mind but i was confused for most of the time. There was nothing that really excited and made me want to know more about. I didn’t even find myself concentrating on the actually trailer.

I think they are really not revealing too much about the game but by doing that they have just left me a bit confused and just unsure about the whole thing.

I think as the time draws near to its release, i will gather a complete opinion about this game but for now i am not really impressed. The trailer says nothing for me and i am not excited about it at all.