One to Watch!!

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I think this game has definitely been on my radar ever since i knew Olly Moss was one of the artist on the game. I mean I’m not being biased now because i really love Olly Moss’s work but this game actually looks pretty decent to be honest!



To see a game as beautiful as this and with such a beautiful colour palette, it is hard not to be drawn to this game. Set in such a beautiful place, it gives the player such a beautiful experience visually to just sit back and play this game. It kind of reminds me abit of Journey (another great PlayStation exclusive, that everyone should definitely check out), they are quite different games in terms of narrative but in terms of the pure idilic scenery and simplistic gameplay i could definitely see a similarity in the types of players the may choose to explore this game.



A game set in the summer of 1989, you play a middle age man named Henry who befriends a woman over a walkie talkie called Delilah. You see their relationship blossom over the period of the game and you are given the choice in how this conversations go and how far your relationships will grow over time.


Although quite a simple concept, i feel it is a very clever one. To be honest, i feel most games now a days are really exploring the simple but effective ways in which we can all engage with a game and allowing players to really have freedom of choice rather than following a very restriction narrative path.

When watching the commentated video featuring Sean Vanaman (Writer) and Jake Rodkin (Director), they spoke about the game being set in a real place with a realistic character and i feel they done this to really give it that relatable feel and just make the dialogue and connection between the characters something to really considered and think about as you progress through the game.

Campo Santo are just a small little development company is San Francisco but i believe after this game they will definitely become a name to the remember in the industry!

With the release of this game coming out in just a few days (February 9th 2016), i cant wait to see what comes of this game. I believe it is exclusive to Playstation but will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux. So definitely look out for this title and give it ago!!

Hopefully it lives up to the great footage is has been showing up to its release!




I would definitely recommend this game to anyone to isn’t looking for a really intense game that involves combat and fighting and is more about the laid back side of gaming that merely just stimulates the mind and encourages you to dive into the narrative and really explore the characters you work with along the way.

Check out the trailer here:




FarCry Primal: Behind the Scenes

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After my previous post talking about the infinite possibilities FarCry really having brining out a game like Primal. i feel this video gives me more confidence in them potentially pulling off the idea.

Really taking the idea of the primal man and how that can really create a fully immersive game for people to enjoy. The game is all about when man took ownership and started being the hunter rather than the hunted.

The game also provides players with a large variety of ecosystems that can vary based factors like if you are playing during the night and day. This is a feature i found very interesting and realistic.

Another realistic aspects is the way in which they allows players to build and craft their own weapons as they would in the Stone Age. As Jean – Sebastien Decant stated, there is only really things like rocks and bone that gave us some indication on what the world was like back then so that gave them alot of movement throughout the game to really try out new ideas and take a creative spin on how they would present the world in the game. This could come down to different things like the culture and there way in which humans would interact with each other etc.

I feel FarCry could really be on to another great game here and I can’t wait to hear more about this game. I also feel it will be interesting to compare to the upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. Although Horizon is combining that primal feel with a more futuristic feel and the developers will be quite different in terms of playing style, i feel it will just be interesting to see how both games pull of the presenting that era to an audience.


Lara is back!!

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I can’t wait for this game to come out. Although it is on a timed exclusive with Microsoft, I can’t wait to see this game unfold.

Especially the narrative for the game. It seems filled with incredible locations filled with rich history to explore and have fun with Lara and I can’t wait to see it.

I have always been a Tomb Raider fan and wasn’t nessesarily blown away with the previous instalment of the game but that may of just been because they were almost moulding Lara in a new light that hadn’t been explored before and it was just strange to see Lara like that but now they have brought back a big of the bad ass Lara that everyone know, I’m exciting to see how they present the game.

I’m also really excited to see this new grapple hook Lara has (check out the link)

Although she has had a grapple hook in previous games, I’m excited to see how they have incorporated the hook into this game alongside the new weapons and modes of combat. I have heard that you can control more of Lara’s approaches when being involved with combat with enemies and things like that which shall also be something I will be looking forward to when it is released.
I just hope it is a big step up from the last game and not just something they have chuck together and not thought hard about but let’s just wait and see I guess

Release Date:

November 10, 2015

Sims 4 rated R18+ In Russia…What??

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Apparently due to the idea of sae sex relationships being an options in the game, Sims 4 has been assigned a R18 rating to “protect their children”

To be honest i think this is ridiculous, although this game is a role playing game replicates some aspects in life, it is still a game at the end of the day and preventing them from playing a game that is usually set at 12+ to now 18+ to basically stop their children from being gay is just silly.

I have added a video to this post, so check out a few things that Sims 4 have to offer.

I have always been a fan of the Sims (it was actually one of the first game i use to play once i joined the gaming world) and i have loved how they have improved the look of the game every time they brought out a new Sims but i am not sure how i feel about this one.

After watching this video, the things that you can do just look the same to me. I may have this opinion because i have just out grown the game but who knows, i might check out the game if any more footage comes out about it

Watch Dogs, Film Adaptation…What?

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With Watch Dogs release on the horizon, it is exciting to now hear about a possible film adaptation.

Whether this game will be a success all will be judge once its release but after watch this video about the story behind Watch Dogs, i don’t see why it wouldn’t be a successful movie as well.

There is so much already been suggested and rumoured about this game, like the second instalment and now a possible film that i just want them to focus on the release of Watch Dogs and just see what response they get from the audience.
All the hype about the game could either really work in their favour or cause people to really build very high expectations.

What is going on Naughty Dog?


After Naughty Dog being at their best after the incredible release of The Last of Us in 2013, you would think they would all be working hard to produce the greatly anticipated Uncharted 4 but no?

With Amy Henning, Justin Richmonds, Nate Wells and now Todd Stashwick leaving the company, it makes me question the performance that Naughty Dog will have with their upcoming title.

I don’t believe all hope has gone though, due to Naughty Dog still having some excellent contributors to the Uncharted series left. Hopefully Naughty Dog will get their act together and keep up outstanding level of work.

Maybe all those that have left have done all they can  for Uncharted 4 and just gone on to better things and Uncharted is quite far into development. But that could just be very wishful thinking. :S


Have look here for more information


What do you guys think?