FarCry Primal: Behind the Scenes

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After my previous post talking about the infinite possibilities FarCry really having brining out a game like Primal. i feel this video gives me more confidence in them potentially pulling off the idea.

Really taking the idea of the primal man and how that can really create a fully immersive game for people to enjoy. The game is all about when man took ownership and started being the hunter rather than the hunted.

The game also provides players with a large variety of ecosystems that can vary based factors like if you are playing during the night and day. This is a feature i found very interesting and realistic.

Another realistic aspects is the way in which they allows players to build and craft their own weapons as they would in the Stone Age. As Jean – Sebastien Decant stated, there is only really things like rocks and bone that gave us some indication on what the world was like back then so that gave them alot of movement throughout the game to really try out new ideas and take a creative spin on how they would present the world in the game. This could come down to different things like the culture and there way in which humans would interact with each other etc.

I feel FarCry could really be on to another great game here and I can’t wait to hear more about this game. I also feel it will be interesting to compare to the upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. Although Horizon is combining that primal feel with a more futuristic feel and the developers will be quite different in terms of playing style, i feel it will just be interesting to see how both games pull of the presenting that era to an audience.



Fingers Crossed

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With animals being such a large part of all the Far Cry games, it is about time they really embrace that part of the franchise and really go forward with the idea of producing a game heavily dominated by your survival with these animals.

Especially with the time period they are working with, there will definitely be a beautiful array of animals to interactive with in this game (not necessarily all friendly ones).

sabertooth_hunt.0 FarCryPrimal_ConceptArt_05_Sabretooth_PR_151006_6PM_CET

I think with so many animals and tribal type vibes given off in the last game, i feel FarCry will pull off a game that looks really good and plays pretty well but story wise, i am not really sure how they will approach it.

I believe the game could could one of two ways:

Mind Blowing

The game could really incorporate features with the next generation console and really make use of the beautiful graphics and provide us with outstanding scenery and animals and introduce us to missions aren’t just using a grapple hook (very awkwardly) to get up a cliff. I really hope they make full use of the touchpad and really bring that into the game next year and just also give us a feel for a new sort of step for FarCry and really make it obvious that this is going to be something different.

The Same Old Thing

It is very easy for games to kind of give a whole new idea a go whilst still incorporated the best bits about their previous games.However i feel Primal could go either way and just be like all the other FarCry but we are not wearing tribal clothing, i think it is a great opportunity for the franchise to really broaden and branch off and bring in new fans essentially but it needs to take all the best bits of all the FarCrys and bring in some new features to really give this game its own identity (after all if they really wanted to make a whole new game it wouldn’t still have the FarCry title). I have heard comments of it being a bit like a Ice Age rip off but lets hope they conjure up an interesting story (with not too many side missions, please!) and really show us what the Stone Age had to offer

ho5Bxaj8U7lW.878x0.Z-Z96KYq farcryprimal2

I think from what i can see in this trailer and the style in which Ubisoft produce FarCry games, I feel this could be a really good game next year. I can’t wait to see what else they will release and when we can all get our hands on some gameplay.

Overall, this has now joined the list of games that have either been delayed or are being released in 2016 that i just can’t wait to see and hopefully it will stay that way as the year progresses.

Release Date 

23rd February (Europe) – Put that date in your Calendar

PC – March 2016

Far Cry 4 – First Look

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Well doesn’t FarCry look incredible!!

To be honest with all the hype that was going for FarCry i wasn’t sure they would be able to live up to the hype and it might be another Destiny incident but it look great so far.

With Ubisofts not so great track record right now, i thought FarCry would come out just as bad as Assassins Creed but i was wrong and this give me more hope for Tom Clancy’s release next year. It is almost like the took all their sweet time working on FarCry and forgot all about Assassins Creed and making it look at least half decent.



The gameplay is incredibly smooth and plays really well. I love that although there is so much going on in one place on screen, the game is still able to perform at its best with no glitches or lagging.

The cinematics in FarCry are also just as impressive. Very well put together and very engaging. It is made in a way that is actually vital to the story and hard to skip rather than just something to pass the time until the next mission.

They also take full advantage of the FPS shooting experience. For example just little details, like when Pagan Min touches ‘your’ shoulder and you actually react and move. Although it is just a small the detail, it really counts to making the whole experience real and worthwhile and i guess the incredible graphics  on the next also help make the experience even better.

The location for Far Cry is incredible and gives the gamer such a lovely experience when you are running through the snowy mountains or running through the rich green areas surrounded by exotic animals whilst the sun slightly glints over the village like buildings.

As i said, ‘Troy Baker would not disappoint’ and so far he is going beyond what i expected of him for FarCry.

Pagan Min


What i think is brilliant is that you actually wouldn’t know it was him if you didn’t have the knowledge of knowing he would be the villain previously.

(I mean imagine Pagan Min face with Joels voice….yeah…it wouldn’t work.)

Although i have merely looked at the first few missions of FarCry, i believe Ubisoft and Troy have done a great job of already setting the standard for a very sick villain.

When i say sick, i mean in the way of being incredibly pyschopathic and insanely messed up. A villain with a very complex and dynamic personality is what really gives you that realistic feel about the character and instantly gain an feeling for how badass this villain is going to be.

The first few moments of meeting any character in a game, especially the villain because it really set the mood and feel for the whole game. A good first impression is what sets the different between actually having motive and satisfaction of that final boss battle.

Kyrat Ajay Ghale


I am not quite sure how i feel about the main character yet but i like that he is not such as wimp as how the last one started out and just bait normal i guess. Once a again, paired with realistic dialogue and beautiful voice acting, this character comes across very realistic to other video game characters created this year.

I also love how they introduced you essentially to your self through the crazy selfie that you take with Pagan Min. It was a nice and modern touch to the game.

What is to come?


i feel the introduction to this game has been a brilliant start and i can’t wait to see what will happen next. The story introduced is engaging and leaves you with sooo many questions such as:

  • What is so special about his father?
  • What is going on in India? And how is the crazy guy in control
  • Why did they kill that cute little monkey?
  • And how Badass is the main character going to get this time?

I can’t wait to see what is to come from Far Cry and whether it will continue with this great performance and end just as well as it has started

Rating (so far)

The Troy Baker Revolution

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It is coming guys!!

The Troy Baker Revolution!!

Every games company want him and he is literally in every game that does well in the industry.

He is multi talented actor that can make any game win awards with his perfectly pitched voice and brilliant acting capabilities.

Let’s see what games he is already taking over the world with:

The Last of Us

What a brilliant title this was. Naughty Dog producing making another great title for those Playstation fans.

Not only did you fall in love with Joel, you really felt his pain and who he was just through his voice and his mannerisms.

Thanks to the a excellent work of Troy Baker of course this game was incredible and something I would play time and time again.

Booker DeWitt


On his quest to pay his debt, Troy really plays this character well. With the Texas accent long gone he takes on Booker with much power and strength.

I don’t think I could ever imagine Booker being voice by any other individual than Baker himself. He gets the perfect husky, deep voice that isn’t so cray husky like Batman but deep and sexy enough to voice any motivated and devoted man.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


This game really caught of guard, in terms of my Troy Baker radar. I really did like the voice acting in the game but I literally had no idea it was him. From now on I am literally going to be convinced that any voice that I find appealing in a game must be Mr Troy Baker.

It must of been fate for me to find him in Shadow of Mordor because I really had no plan to check out this game but I just thought why not and now it just confirms to me that Troy Baker is officially taking over the gaming world.

Infamous: Second Son


This was the game that really showed the abilities of Troy. Going from the typical Texan to a confident and sassy dude with powers was something he seemed to do very easily. Some wouldn’t of even recognised it was Troy until they checked the credits.

Batman:Arkham Origins


I haven’t played this game yet but I have heard Mr Baker did a great job with this one once again. I think any actor thinking of taking on any role in the Batman series is always a risky decision. The Batman franchise is so massive and there is a lot resting on such a big and precious franchise and I have been told Troy did it justice.


Far Cry 4
Pagan Min


Probably one of the most anticipated games in 2014, it only seemed right to cast Troy Baker. As the voice of the Villain who seem quite bad ass and evil this year I can’t wait to see how Troy does.

With Far Cry 3 being so successful, I think people are looking forward to seeing what the next instalment has to offer. With the idea of mounting elephants and seeing pretty tigers in beautiful landscapes will be something that I am genuinely looking forward to.

But until next time guys. Let’s see what Troy does next!!

Far Cry 4 – Can Troy Baker do no wrong??

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What a very well made trailer!!
Although i have never been a Far Cry fan, i have always loved the way they promote their game in their trailer. You really get a feel for characters and what they are all about and they really made an excellent villain in Far Cry.

I know there has been a lot of gossip going on about this game, especially the artwork for the cover but i feel this game is going to be a good one and once you know the villain is voiced by Troy Baker,….you just know it is going to be good.

I have also seen a bit of the gameplay, but i am still not convinced it is my cup of tea. I can’t wait to see more of this game and see what it has to offer. I have no doubt that it will be successful but for me…it has some big titles to go up against but i think Ubisoft have done a great job this year.