Im In Love!!

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One of the cutest games i have seen in a while would have to be this lovely little title here!! With such a cute little story and meaning behind it, it is hard not to fall in love with the little character and just explore the game!!

I remember seeing Unravel being dropped here and there but i didn’t know that much about it but it is definitely a title people should check out!!

This title is made by a independent game developer based in Sweden called Coldwood Interactive. They have previously made games that are mostly sport dominated and very different to this genre of game. Unravel is more of a puzzle game that is quite similar to games like Little Big Planet (well that is what is reminded me of as soon as i saw it).


It is set in a realistic looking world that i feel adds to the whole meaning of narrative. When watching an interview the Creator and Director of the game (Martin Sahlin) he spoke about making the game in a realistic setting in order to make the physics of the game as realistic as possible and allow the character to react to the environment as it would in the real world.


Not only does the realistic scenery make the game even more lovelier than it is already is, it also compliments the story behind the game.

The story behind the game is all about looking at the idea of love, and thinking about love as a physical object ( in this case a ball of wool called Yarny) and what would happen if love was supposedly to unravel or run out. The main aim of the game is to not unravel although moving further and further away from the source of love that you started with.


Just hearing that concept of the game made me personally fall in love with it straight away. Just a simple concept represented in such a beautiful way. The game takes you on a journey that allows you to explore so many different worlds and environments but also stimulates your mind to work out different puzzles and just different ways in which you can move from one area to the other.

I am also a great lover for the soundtrack of this game. From the gameplay i have seen the soundtrack just compliments the game so beautifully and this was definitely something i was expecting from such a gentle and sensitive concept. It just shows that it is not only a visually stunning game but also something that is pleasing on the ears and just becomes and all rounded experience to enjoy and become immerse in.


With the release date of this game very near, i recommend everyone who really appreciates those simple but powerful games to really take a look at this title and give it a chance. Definitely a game that i feel everyone can relate to and really open their hearts to and possibly learn something from and i cant wait to see the whole game when it is released and find out what more it can offer.






FarCry Primal: Behind the Scenes

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After my previous post talking about the infinite possibilities FarCry really having brining out a game like Primal. i feel this video gives me more confidence in them potentially pulling off the idea.

Really taking the idea of the primal man and how that can really create a fully immersive game for people to enjoy. The game is all about when man took ownership and started being the hunter rather than the hunted.

The game also provides players with a large variety of ecosystems that can vary based factors like if you are playing during the night and day. This is a feature i found very interesting and realistic.

Another realistic aspects is the way in which they allows players to build and craft their own weapons as they would in the Stone Age. As Jean – Sebastien Decant stated, there is only really things like rocks and bone that gave us some indication on what the world was like back then so that gave them alot of movement throughout the game to really try out new ideas and take a creative spin on how they would present the world in the game. This could come down to different things like the culture and there way in which humans would interact with each other etc.

I feel FarCry could really be on to another great game here and I can’t wait to hear more about this game. I also feel it will be interesting to compare to the upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. Although Horizon is combining that primal feel with a more futuristic feel and the developers will be quite different in terms of playing style, i feel it will just be interesting to see how both games pull of the presenting that era to an audience.


Fingers Crossed

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With animals being such a large part of all the Far Cry games, it is about time they really embrace that part of the franchise and really go forward with the idea of producing a game heavily dominated by your survival with these animals.

Especially with the time period they are working with, there will definitely be a beautiful array of animals to interactive with in this game (not necessarily all friendly ones).

sabertooth_hunt.0 FarCryPrimal_ConceptArt_05_Sabretooth_PR_151006_6PM_CET

I think with so many animals and tribal type vibes given off in the last game, i feel FarCry will pull off a game that looks really good and plays pretty well but story wise, i am not really sure how they will approach it.

I believe the game could could one of two ways:

Mind Blowing

The game could really incorporate features with the next generation console and really make use of the beautiful graphics and provide us with outstanding scenery and animals and introduce us to missions aren’t just using a grapple hook (very awkwardly) to get up a cliff. I really hope they make full use of the touchpad and really bring that into the game next year and just also give us a feel for a new sort of step for FarCry and really make it obvious that this is going to be something different.

The Same Old Thing

It is very easy for games to kind of give a whole new idea a go whilst still incorporated the best bits about their previous games.However i feel Primal could go either way and just be like all the other FarCry but we are not wearing tribal clothing, i think it is a great opportunity for the franchise to really broaden and branch off and bring in new fans essentially but it needs to take all the best bits of all the FarCrys and bring in some new features to really give this game its own identity (after all if they really wanted to make a whole new game it wouldn’t still have the FarCry title). I have heard comments of it being a bit like a Ice Age rip off but lets hope they conjure up an interesting story (with not too many side missions, please!) and really show us what the Stone Age had to offer

ho5Bxaj8U7lW.878x0.Z-Z96KYq farcryprimal2

I think from what i can see in this trailer and the style in which Ubisoft produce FarCry games, I feel this could be a really good game next year. I can’t wait to see what else they will release and when we can all get our hands on some gameplay.

Overall, this has now joined the list of games that have either been delayed or are being released in 2016 that i just can’t wait to see and hopefully it will stay that way as the year progresses.

Release Date 

23rd February (Europe) – Put that date in your Calendar

PC – March 2016

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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This trailer looks awesome!! There is not much more to say.

Don’t miss out people, watch this trailer!!

And watch the incredible combat scene as well


Wolfenstein: The New Order

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This game seem very interesting. It isn’t really my kind of game but the idea behind the narrative seems like something that would do very well.

It is a game set in the 1960s and it is looking at the potential ending of World War II and what could of happened if the Germans had won the war.

We any type of narrative that looks at “What If” concepts there is a lot of creative leeway with that scenario and it allows developers to really try and imagine and create that world for gamers to feel like this could of really been a possibility.

I am never really a fan of first person shooters or just games with this sort of war element to it but the graphics look pretty decent in the game and the gameplay looks like it will be filled so engaging and enjoyable moments.

But i guess all we have to do now is await its release (20th May 2014) and see what that is like. I may do a review for this game but i am not sure yet.

Murdered Soul Suspect – Lookin Good

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Wow. This trailer blew me away.

This seems to be a story of a young man who is murdered and is hunting down and pursing his killer. My explanation doesn’t really do it justice :S but check it out, let me know what you think!!

I know that a trailer will show all the best bits and most of the time it isn’t even really gameplay but the narrative presented in the trailer looks awesomeeee!!!.
I am a big lover of thriller type narrative and this game looks like it will be jam packed with brilliant cliff hangers and mysteries and just have all the aspects of a game i enjoy.

Lets hope i am not getting too ahead of myself and this game will do well and will be another awesome title straight after the release date of Watch Dogs.

Release Date : 6th June 2014

Destined for Greatness?

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I know a few people that are very excited for the released of this game (09.09.14).
I don’t think Destiny is my kind of game but i am not ruling it out as something that i won’t have a look at when it is released.

It is a game all about being the guardians of a last city on Earth and you have defeat your enemies and take back what was ours on Earth. With the creator of Halo and Call Duty behind this title, i have no doubt this game could be a success but i don’t know if it will be my kind of tea.

I have check out he trailer the graphics looks brilliant and it will visually be an impressive piece of work but will it have substances and a decent story behind. Who Knows?

The Order 1886 PS4

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I found out about this new playstation exclusive yesterday and i am very intrigued about it.
It is about how man is using advanced technologies in battle although it is based in the Victorian-era in London.

First of all, I love that it is set in London (My Home Town!!) and i think the fusion of the victorian era with advance technology should be interesting. anddd on top of all of that you are going against some sort of mutant ancient foe.

From first glimpse of this game, it seems interesting and i will look more into it. When i first read about this game Bioshock instantly came to my mind, this may be due to the fact that Bioshock wasn’t exactly set in modern time but you were given these extraordinary weapons to fight in battle with. But who knows, i feel this game could be just as good as Bioshock if the story is done well.

Although i have never played any Ready At Dawn games like God of War (although i have heard great things about it) i believe with members from Naughty Dog they well do just fine and produce something quite good.

Check out the trailer above and let me know what you think?