The Wait is Over!!!

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Words could not explain how devastated i was when i heard the announcement of the cancel of Silent Hill P.T. I thought the game was brilliant and it was one of those horror games that had the perfect balance of minimal gameplay but a terrifying and horrific atmosphere to set the game and keep you playing


Just when i thought all hope was gone. A indie company called Lilith Ltd created an insane looking game called Allison Road. A game that has been stated as the spiritualĀ successor of Silent Hills P.T. When watching the gameplay and trailer for this title, there was no moment that i felt at ease and i feel the potential for this game is incredible and i cant wait for its release.


This game was initially created by horror game lover Chris Kesler, his love for video games led him to make one of his own and really set the bar for the type of horror games he wanted to see in the industry and he has definitely set a whole new playing field for all games to be released after this title.

I feel with any really intense horror game, playing in first person is always a good shout. You just feel like you are actually presence within the game and things just feel more immersive. Due to the makers of the game using Unreal Engine 4 the graphics are also an element that really had the scary factor to the game.


I think that is also a reason for why people are comparing this game to the Silent Hill P.T. It seems to follow that perfect formula of minimalisticĀ gameplay alongside a enticing storyline. I also love that is it somewhere that is quite familiar, so everyone can really relate and feel the fear as they explore this old town house.


This game is set in a British townhouse that was a home to a family that have been the victim of a hideous crime and you play a currently named protagonist exploring the house and trying to learn what has happened to your family and what is the strange presence in the house. The woman that has been pictured in the trailer and gameplay has been suggested to be your deranged wife who has been taken over by some bad sprits.


Personally, anything to do with possession and ghost is always something that freaks me out, so this game will definitely scare the hell out of me but just purely other factors like the exceptional lighting and ambience within the game is enough to to make the hairs stand on the back of the neck. This game the perfect concoction of an excellent horror game.


Although this is a little review of the game and how i feel before its release, i feel the only way to really summaries this title is to just play it and give it a go. With everyone being devastated by the cancel of the Silent Hill P.T, i feel this is the game to fill that space or even possibly exceed it but only time will tell and there is definitely a never ending line of people who cant wait to get their hands on this and play it. So prepare yourself from now for this insane experience because i am sure after a play through of Allison Road, you won’t be sleeping for days.




Developers: Lilith Ltd

Release: TBA 2016



FarCry Primal: Behind the Scenes

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After my previous post talking about the infinite possibilities FarCry really having brining out a game like Primal. i feel this video gives me more confidence in them potentially pulling off the idea.

Really taking the idea of the primal man and how that can really create a fully immersive game for people to enjoy. The game is all about when man took ownership and started being the hunter rather than the hunted.

The game also provides players with a large variety of ecosystems that can vary based factors like if you are playing during the night and day. This is a feature i found very interesting and realistic.

Another realistic aspects is the way in which they allows players to build and craft their own weapons as they would in the Stone Age. As Jean – Sebastien Decant stated, there is only really things like rocks and bone that gave us some indication on what the world was like back then so that gave them alot of movement throughout the game to really try out new ideas and take a creative spin on how they would present the world in the game. This could come down to different things like the culture and there way in which humans would interact with each other etc.

I feel FarCry could really be on to another great game here and I can’t wait to hear more about this game. I also feel it will be interesting to compare to the upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. Although Horizon is combining that primal feel with a more futuristic feel and the developers will be quite different in terms of playing style, i feel it will just be interesting to see how both games pull of the presenting that era to an audience.


Fingers Crossed

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With animals being such a large part of all the Far Cry games, it is about time they really embrace that part of the franchise and really go forward with the idea of producing a game heavily dominated by your survival with these animals.

Especially with the time period they are working with, there will definitely be a beautiful array of animals to interactive with in this game (not necessarily all friendly ones).

sabertooth_hunt.0Ā FarCryPrimal_ConceptArt_05_Sabretooth_PR_151006_6PM_CET

I think with so many animals and tribal type vibes given off in the last game, i feel FarCry will pull off a game that looks really good and plays pretty well but story wise, i am not really sure how they will approach it.

I believe the game could could one of two ways:

Mind Blowing

The game could really incorporate features with the next generation console and really make use of the beautiful graphics and provide us with outstanding scenery and animals and introduce us to missions aren’t just using a grapple hook (very awkwardly) to get up a cliff. I really hopeĀ they make full use of the touchpad and really bring that into the game next year and just also give us a feel forĀ a new sort of step for FarCry and really make it obvious that this is going to be something different.

The Same Old Thing

It is very easy for games to kind of give a whole new idea a go whilst still incorporated the best bits about their previous games.However i feel Primal could go either way and just be like all the other FarCry but we are not wearing tribal clothing, i think it is a great opportunity for the franchise to really broaden and branch off and bring in new fans essentially but it needs to take all the best bits of all the FarCrys and bring in some new features to really give this game its own identity (after all if they really wanted to make a whole new game it wouldn’t still have the FarCry title). I have heard comments of it being a bit like a Ice Age rip off but lets hope they conjure up an interesting story (with not too many side missions, please!) and really show us what the Stone Age had to offer

ho5Bxaj8U7lW.878x0.Z-Z96KYqĀ farcryprimal2

I think from what i can see in this trailer and the style in which Ubisoft produce FarCry games, I feel this could be a really good game next year. I can’t wait to see what else they will release and when we can all get our hands on some gameplay.

Overall, this has now joined the list of games that have either been delayed or are being released in 2016 that i just can’t wait to see and hopefully it will stay that way as the year progresses.

Release DateĀ 

23rd FebruaryĀ (Europe) – Put that date in your Calendar

PC – March 2016

Wolf Among Us Review

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What a brilliant little game by Teltale Games.

I wasn’t really sure how this game was going to end and how I was going to feel about this game.
I was already a fan of The Walking Dead and once this started being released almost side by side with The Walking Dead, it became something I thought I could just watch until the releases of The Walking Dead episodes came out and not think anything of it but then I began to anticipate and enjoy every time the new Wolf Among Us episodes came out and I fell in love.

I remember hearing about Wolf Among Us for the first time and thinking it was just going to be a nothing silly remake of a fairy tale story that tries to make Cinderella all modern or” relatable”.

But that first episode.That just pulled me in.

The introduction to every character was unique and fresh and you could just feel an incredible story already unraveling in the first episode.

As your followed the story further on and played as the notorious Bigby Wolf, you begin to ask some many questions and receive so many unclear and misleading answer but that was what made the story so interesting and intriguing.

When you are dealing with any situation that is relating to a murder or unjust activity, decision you make are crucial and once again Teltale really put you in a position where you decision could change another characters life or change completely how other characters perceive and interact with you.

There were some moments that I thought the culprit was one person and then another but there were also some moment that I felt the story was dragging on abit and narrative was going anywhere.

This may just be because I was comparing it to Walking Dead Season 1 (which blew my mind) and compared to Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us came close but not as good.


The ending for The Wolf Among Us was brilliant!! I love how they included more action into the game and made your ability to make quick decision a must and priority.

The narrative was very fast paced and allowed all your questions to be answered (even some surprised answers were chucked in).

It was almost like, throughout all the episodes of The Wolf Among Us, you just wanted to see Bigby really let loose and go crazy but he always held back to prevent his health beginning at risk but finally he is allowed to go cray and go manic on all out hates characters and that was a very good feeling to watch in the final episode.

I also love how they have constructed every character. They all seemed quite realistic and logical in all their decision they made. And I really love how they made some characters really loveable some that you really grew to dislike.

Although all the characters are all based on fairy tale, they really were made to fit into the current world and I love how they done it so well and they contributed to my enjoyment of the story.

(There is also a brilliant twist at the end but I can’t review that. You have to play it for yourself)

I hope there is talk of a Season 2. I am not that hyped as I was when there was talk of The Walking Dead but I still want to see abit more of The Wolf Among Us and see what else they have to over.

Overall, it is a incredible game and story and should be played by everybody that enjoy a quality story that revolves around your decision.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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This trailer looks awesome!! There is not much more to say.

Don’t miss out people, watch this trailer!!

And watch the incredible combat scene as well


Erm, Where is Walking Dead

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I have been so excited and finding it hard to wait for Episode 3 of Walking Dead (In Harms Way) and was praying that after the delayed release (15th April) it would hopefully be released on 6th May.


It is now 8th Mayā€¦and i see no Walking Dead. And now i am being told 13th May. So i am sorry about my previous post and also dragging you in the same boat of waiting for 6th to come. Lets all hope that the wait will be worth it. I mean i can understand that Walking Dead is probably one of their most popular games and they are working their asses off trying to produce something decent and they know they will get attacked if it is even below the typical Telltale standard BUTā€¦.there is also such a long wait.


I know that another one of their great games (The Wolf Among Us) isn’t necessarily my favourite but it is always released in decent time and the wait for that doesn’t feel that longā€¦well not for me anyway but Telltale need to bring out episode 3 soon as other wise i am going to go crazy.

I am tired of waiting and i would like to be reunited with Clem and the newly appointed gang :S

Gone Home

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Hmm, im not really quite sure how i feel about his game. My feelings were all being built up to experience a horror game but it was the complete opposite (but had a read the background of the game, i wouldn’t of had this confusion so i would suggest that before hand)

With the atmosphere set in a dark abandoned house whilst the lightening and rain is rushing down, i thought there were going to be countless jump scares and creepy moments that make you regret even clicking play but this game was more of a explorative/narrative kind of game and you go on a journey learning about a character called Sam and the crisis she is going through.

I guess all i could say about this game is that it was different. Although i found the ending quite predictable, it was just a refreshing game to all the other games i have been looking at lately. The gameplay was quite good but i don’t think that is really a statement i could make because i wouldn’t really consider this game even having any gameplay. To be honest this game was just an interactive story and i think it is something everyone should play then gather their own understanding and experience of the game.

If someone told me to play this game and that it was purely just an interactive story and just explore a house i wouldn’t even what to know the name of the game and waste my time investigating it but it did keep me hooked for a good hour without becoming distract so there is an element of the game that drags you in and keeps you interested but the endingā€¦.well i wasn’t too impressed :S


But overall this game isn’t bad, i would like to see more of what The Fullbright Company can offer and whether they can create something with bait more substance.