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When this game was first announced i heard great things about it. With the idea of co op being available for 4 players was something i was really looking forward to.

Being somebody who wasn’t original a Assassins Creed fan i think gave me a slight biased but reason to really be wowed by the game and really see what it had to offer. With Watchdogs being a fairly ok game (apart from the pretty good DLC) and i wasn’t really sure how this title would turn out but all i can say is that i am not impressed.

The trailer looked incredible and actually got me excited for the game but as soon as i saw the opening mission for the game i knew i wasn’t going to be blown away but i thought i would still give the game a chance but there was soooo many things wrong with this game they should of really just delayed it.



With such a beautiful location and so many things going on on the screen it is understandable that the game may struggle a little but this game struggled a lot. Some of characters in the crowd would glitches quite  a bit and things would just not look how a next gen game would be expected to perform.

Sometime playing the game would become difficult because climbing up building and windows would not be so straight forward as they should be and everything seem bait chopping and not as smooth as other titles or even Watchdogs released earlier this year.

The AI in this game was ok. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t once again up to the standards i was expected. You could be standing right in front of a guard and they wouldn’t see you and you could perform a stealth kill with no problem.

Not only was the gameplay not so great, the cinematic were just as bad. At one point in a cut scene Arno face goes through is collar when kissing Èlise in one scene. Even how they walked around the game just seemed very dated and just overall disappointing for a game released this year.

Apart from the things listed above i wouldn’t say anything else was really wrong with the gameplay.


Well, i know i can always be a sucker for a good story and can essentially be won over by a brilliantly done story despite anything else but i really couldn’t get engaged with this story. I am not even really sure what actually happened in the story based on every mission basically being the same.

The story mainly focused on gaining intel from every mission to give you clues about who is involved and who to take out next. I think they could of improved this part of the game by maybe allowing you to take part in side mission to receive exclusive intel that can enable you to do better in the campaign or the storyline could of many different endings depending on who you decide is responsible or how many clues you discover. I feel this look on the game could of given more of a variation on the different type of missions that you take part in.

Also through the story you have this woman called Bishop flying in every so often telling your to jump through some white hole in mid air. This missions were quite interesting and could of been work on a lot more an expanded more into the main missions.

I also feel the lack of an engaging story also caused me to not really feel connected to the characters involved in the narrative. Although the dialogue was decently written i didn’t really feel that they came across as interesting and merely just seemed average and stereotypical. But i do like that they made a bad ass female but i didn’t really find her that amazing to be honest but i like that she held her own in the game and wasn’t a damsel in distress.

assassins credd

I also heard about the no face bug that happened in Ubisoft. This also disappointed me. The game just came across as something that doesn’t even really come close to any of the games released this year which is a shame. I can imagine the errors made on this game could possibly be forgiven if it had come out some time around the last generation console but this is brand new release that had plenty of time to work out how to perform best on the next generation consoles.



Well…i think we know what my overall point of view is on this game. I wasn’t happy and i think Ubisoft could of done a lot better and this is clearly shown in Far Cry 4 that was not long released after. But the performance for Assassin Creed makes me worry quite a lot about Tom Clancy. Tom Clancy is one title i am really looking forward and believe will do really well next but i guess who knows with Ubisoft right now.

I think Ubisoft could of looked in to make their game more varied in terms of main missions and creating a more unique and engaging story and allowing you to explore more about the characters and get to know them personally. It could of been more personal if the character we possibly more relatable.

For example if you look at Joel from The Last of Us. Although i am not a middle age guy from Texas…we got to see the complexity of Joel as a character and why he is the way he is and as the story went on we began to unpick him and release he is a big softy with a big heart that cares a lot for Ellie etc. Those are the kind of deep and meaningful stories i was looking for and is something Assassins Creed failed to do this time.

I also think less minor errors in this game would of helped it from being a slightly terrible game in my books. They we very minimal errors that didn’t really need to exist in this day and age and would of been worthwhile delaying the game a few months or so before release.




21 thoughts on “Maybe Next Time Ubisoft

    1. I was sooo disappointed with this game. Especially because i wasnt really a fan of the game and thought maybe this game will wow me or blow me away but no…it kind of made me dislike the franchise even more :S but on the other hand FarCry looks great

      1. Again, I say this weekend. I have had an Xbox for the longest time and I am going to branch out, so next Sunday I am getting a playstation and FarCry.

      2. Wellll….Destiny is a good game. I domt believe it meets the hype sadly but i know there is alot potential for the franchise. I think they are planning for Destiny to go on for as long as 10 years but the multiplayer is awesome and the campaign is ok but repetitive and quite short.

        Overall, a good game with loads of replay value and room for more 🙂

      3. I mainly play games Like Left 4 dead, Skyrim, Portal, Mass Effect, and just games like that. I also play Locksmith because I play the guitar.

      4. I am trying to keep as up-to-date with the newest things in gaming. One of my goals for Kirecom is to create a youtube channel. It would be a comedy focused channel with Sketches, A Comedic Take On News Stories (Referred to as KireCom News on my blog.) and last but not least Gaming.

      5. Ooh samee, me and my friend were going to team up and start a gaming but with recording software and being free with work and stuff but we wanted to do vlogs and sketches but i thought i would start a vlog and see what audience is out there that actually wants to hear my opinion on games

      6. My main problem is school. To be honest I have just started High School, so I luckily have some time to do it. My main problem is overtime I try to post a video I get nervous and delete it.

      7. My main fear is my Comedy. I fear boring the audience. I try to put comedy into everything I do and I fear the comedy just won’t turn out right. Though I am going to get the chance started over my school break. That is my goal.

      8. Ooh ok awesome, well i think all you need to focus on is being yourself. Although the comedy is important just allow it to flow naturally. And dont worry about being boring..the right audience will watch your content. For example, the reason i chose to watch one Youtuber over another is due to my own personal preference of how they do their videos and that is what will happen with you.

        Just go for it!!!

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