Assassin’s Creed Unity – First Look

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Hmm Assassin’s Creed. I have never really been a great fan but from what I have seen so far it doesn’t look bad.

I like how they showed you the history of the narrative and allowed you explore the beginning of the game with different characters. I feel this is a nice touch to the game but not impressive.

The combat in the game so far is quite smooth but not as smooth as it could be. It seems bait static and dated to be honest. I feel the combat could be better if you were able to do counter attacks and things like that but who knows, it could be something that is incorporated later on in the game.

I think the one thing that i do like is that you can nicely slide and pass over equipment as you run away from enemies and the AI in the game seems to be quite well made as well.

I don’t believe this game has got off to an amazing start. (Which is a shame because i great beginning to any game is something that really keeps me engage and interested) I think i will wait to see what the co op is like and then make a decision. It is only early days with this game but i am not too impressed so far.

There are elements of this game to turn my opinion around but i will just have to see how everything turns out and then make an overall decision.

So Far



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