The Troy Baker Revolution

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It is coming guys!!

The Troy Baker Revolution!!

Every games company want him and he is literally in every game that does well in the industry.

He is multi talented actor that can make any game win awards with his perfectly pitched voice and brilliant acting capabilities.

Let’s see what games he is already taking over the world with:

The Last of Us

What a brilliant title this was. Naughty Dog producing making another great title for those Playstation fans.

Not only did you fall in love with Joel, you really felt his pain and who he was just through his voice and his mannerisms.

Thanks to the a excellent work of Troy Baker of course this game was incredible and something I would play time and time again.

Booker DeWitt


On his quest to pay his debt, Troy really plays this character well. With the Texas accent long gone he takes on Booker with much power and strength.

I don’t think I could ever imagine Booker being voice by any other individual than Baker himself. He gets the perfect husky, deep voice that isn’t so cray husky like Batman but deep and sexy enough to voice any motivated and devoted man.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


This game really caught of guard, in terms of my Troy Baker radar. I really did like the voice acting in the game but I literally had no idea it was him. From now on I am literally going to be convinced that any voice that I find appealing in a game must be Mr Troy Baker.

It must of been fate for me to find him in Shadow of Mordor because I really had no plan to check out this game but I just thought why not and now it just confirms to me that Troy Baker is officially taking over the gaming world.

Infamous: Second Son


This was the game that really showed the abilities of Troy. Going from the typical Texan to a confident and sassy dude with powers was something he seemed to do very easily. Some wouldn’t of even recognised it was Troy until they checked the credits.

Batman:Arkham Origins


I haven’t played this game yet but I have heard Mr Baker did a great job with this one once again. I think any actor thinking of taking on any role in the Batman series is always a risky decision. The Batman franchise is so massive and there is a lot resting on such a big and precious franchise and I have been told Troy did it justice.


Far Cry 4
Pagan Min


Probably one of the most anticipated games in 2014, it only seemed right to cast Troy Baker. As the voice of the Villain who seem quite bad ass and evil this year I can’t wait to see how Troy does.

With Far Cry 3 being so successful, I think people are looking forward to seeing what the next instalment has to offer. With the idea of mounting elephants and seeing pretty tigers in beautiful landscapes will be something that I am genuinely looking forward to.

But until next time guys. Let’s see what Troy does next!!


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