Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Hmm i have never really been a fan of the Call of Duty series but i know it is a massive franchise and it is one of their latest releases on next generation consoles apart from Ghost which i wasn’t really too impressed with to be honest.

Apart from the release of Ghost last year, Advanced Warfare is the latest instalment from the Call of Duty series on the next generation console. Did it really take advantage of the next gen console and what it can do.

Hmmm, not really.


Graphics wise this game did look so bad. Kevin Spacey’s looked real enough to touch and Troy Baker and all the other actors looks scarily realistic and weird but it was a cool touched to add to the game. In terms of how well the weapons and landscapes looked, they looked quite good too. Quite detailed and realistic and made you feel like you were in Baghdad and San Francisco etc.


In terms of story, it wasn’t really a mind blown narrative. I already knew what the “major” plot twist was going to be to be honest but I think most Call of Duty games follow the same kind of basic narrative. I wouldn’t necessarily play the campaign again to experience the story but it was really the gameplay that was saved the day for me.


I think to improve the story they couldn’t of incorporated the idea of maybe playing at a dog in one level or maybe showing that there was more room for developing in other characters such as Gideon or Irons.

I can’t really see any room for a possible DLC but I guess we all know one will be on its way. Who knows what they will do but I am not expected a great story really.


Here is where the strong point lies for Advance Warfare. Especially on my personal favourite mission, Traffic.

Traffic was a really well done mission. I really loved the action packed, quick decision gameplay and the fact that you just didn’t know what was going on next.


I am honestly not a fan of FPS but they are starting to grow on me. With games like Borderlands and Destiny, I don’t really feel that COD could really be compared to those titles but I feel COD on are on the right track on the next gen consoles.

To improve the gameplay and really set a new level for the COD franchise they given more variation on how you take on a mission. For example allowing your character to take lead in some way and personalise how you do the mission (maybe abit like GTA V Heist) but who knows that might be going out of Sledgehammers comfort zone.


I did like the little futuristic aspect (that did seem abit Destiny-ish) with the double jump and side dash thing. Something that I think will really be fun in the multiplayer when that is announced.

AI in the game was also quite could I love the aspect of making them not completely die after you shoot them and making playing against them more of a challenge. AI didn’t make the game too easy but also not too hard, it was too a level that was playable and entertaining.


Overall, this game is ok. I feel there are many different titles that will out do this game this year by far but it isn’t bad. It is a good looking game and I’m sure the multiplayer is what will give this game, good replay value. All I would say is that the game could take more advantage of next gen capabilities and have more variation in choice of how the gamer approaching a situation.





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