Surprisingly Excellent!!

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After hearing that Shadow of Mordor was based on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I wasn’t really sure I would like this game but I thought why not give it ago. A game is a game at the end of the day and there is no harm in checking it out.

2 or 3 missions in I thought Talion voice sounded very nice but also very familiar, so like any curious individual I ventured to the world of Google and track down the voice of this sexy beast and who would of known that Mr Baker was behind it!!

But back to the important info on Shadow of Mordor.


The gameplay was surprisedly smooth. With so much going on in the game at one time and so much detail in every aspects of the game from characters to beautiful landscapes, the game played very well.

At some points when you were being ambushed it did freeze and lag alittle but apart from that it done quite well.

The one I feel really made this game for me was the awesome combat moves and how excellent it was done.

The executions and finishers were perfect and I loved how they were performed in slow motion. It really gives the gamer that ultimate feeling of satisfaction after a kill. I also liked that you were able to team up with Celebrimbor and perform crazy moves that just looked epic and extraordinary. Every combat just constantly looked bad ass. When you thought Talion couldn’t get any better, he goes an performs a slow mo decapitation, whilst still keeping his sexy seriousness and composure.


The game also has its fair share of side quest and really takes full advantage of the open world available to you as a player. You are able to do many things such as avenger a fellow players death or kill a large amount of orcs just because.

I also love they way how you can chose how you want to approach a kill or just any situation in the game. As you progress and you advance your skills etc, things just get better and better.

Later on in the game you can make your enemies part of your team, you can mount great beast and use them as your weapons. You can also choose the more stealthier approach and just stand on the side and watch the havoc take place below your feet. It really adds that personal touch to the game and makes playing the game more of an enjoyable experience rather than just feeling that you are suppose to complete the level in one way and that is the end of it.

Although after a while the game did become slightly repetitive, I feel the only thing that kept it to a level of enjoyable was that fact that a strong and engaging story carried it through.


As I said in the beginning I wasn’t really thinking I would even enjoy the game let alone become fully engaged with the story but I was genuinely surprised with how well they created the story.

It had one of those narratives that really made you want to find out what would happen next or make feel emotionally connected to characters that you meet along the way.


I think what was also great about the story was that it wasn’t just a game version is the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. It was a game that was its own beast and its own story. There were probably many reference to the films that I probably didn’t pick up on it could easily had been a stand alone title (which it kind of was anyway) but yeah, not many games are able to keep the right balance between large variety of side quest to explore but also a solid and interesting storyline.

Overall, I don’t feel there is anything else I can really say about this game. The only thing is. I am glad nothing happen between that blonde chick and Talion. This feeling may be due to me just being over protective of Talion but still it would of honestly killed it for me but overall, excellent story, brilliant characters, superb gameplay and I can’t wait to see what the DLC has to offer.




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