The Sims 4 – Has much really changed?

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After feeling that I had own grown such a game, I caught my self watching the gameplay and video releases of what would be involved in it.

I was highly interested in the fact that moods was a new big thing and the power in which you had to really get specific about the appearance of your character was a feature I really liked.

Every time a Sims game comes out, there are always getting that bit closer to making it as realistic as possible to a certain extent and having more control of the appearance of your character made playing the game just a tad more personal.


In terms of the Sims really setting a new standard similarly to the jump from Sims 1 to 2 is questionable.

Everything seemed to looked the same as Sims 3 and it all seemed to play the game. There was little things that made a tiny difference like features you can ask others sims but it didn’t really feel like a different Sims game all together.

Possibly when expansion are release, it will really bring out what is on offer for the Sims but I feel that could of started of the new series in a better way.

I am also disappointed that they still haven’t made it available on Mac operating system and hopefully this will be looked at and done at a later date.

The Final Verdict

I forgot to add that I haven’t actually played the Sims 4 yet but from footage I have seen I am not too impressed. Although it plays quite smoothly and has some cool little features, it hasn’t really got anything that really stands out to me and makes me want to run to the shops and buy it and for that reason I give this game:



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