Was the hype too much for Destiny?

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After going through a roller coaster of a feelings towards this game, I finally save up enough to play the game for myself and see how I feel about it.

Before its release the game receive loads of attention and hype about amazing it was going to be and how it was absolutely the most necessary game of the century and if you didn’t have it….you weren’t living life on your console to the fullest.

This sort of attention could be seen as incredible great and such a good reception for such a new franchise but it can also be seen as negative. Was the attention too much for Bungie and did they not bring what was expected to the players.

For me, I feel the game play beautifully (despite my slow internet and many moments of dropping out of games) the games is awesome. The thrill of killing a big boss at the end of a mission and earning new amour and weapons is something that never gets old…or does it.

After a while, Destiny can get a little repetitive and the lack of variation and limited story is something that made me very bored with the game and not keep me hooked for long.

I understand that the game is only starting out and it has been said that the franchise is looking at working over 10 years to work on the game, so many there is more to come but I believe they could of started on a better note.


The price is crazy in my opinion. Although this didn’t stop me buying the game because the word patience just isn’t in my vocabulary but £45-£50 for the game is very over priced and I have heard a few people may consider buying the game when it goes down but who knew what they were thinking when looking at the price of the game.

The Final Verdict

This game is great, don’t get me wrong but I want more. With some people already reaching the level cap and still playing the same old missions etc, I think they need to bring out expansion and DLC quite fast before Destiny because a forgotten franchise.

But on the other hand, I see potential in Destiny. There was a ounce of a story in the game and there is definitely room for more and I hope they work on it and try and create more of a thicker line between Destiny and Borderlands.

So Keep up the work Bungie but maybe work abit harder.

Rating :



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