Listen – The Kooks (Deluxe)

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Since The Kooks are my favourite band. I will just warn you that my review will probably be bias but it doesn’t mean you can’t take my word for how incredible this album is.

With their previous album (Junk of the Heart) an amazing release, they seemed to go quite for a while and then they brought a cute little EP and then this album.

The Kooks have always been known for their unique lead singer Luke Pritchard and there chilled acoustic tunes but they really flipped a coin with this album and showed everybody what sort of music they could also produce. I remember when I first heard their EP and I was so disappointed but I listen to it again and few months later and loved it.

I think my initial thoughts was that The Kooks weren’t the Kooks anymore and they have completely changed who they were and all the things I liked about them but then i guess I had a changed of heart.

The Kooks hadn’t actually changed who they were, they are just showing that they can take on different styles and strangely enough it works. They still have the beautiful vocals of Luke but now have a sort of soul and groovy feel to their music compared to the slow and relaxed music from before. I love how some songs even include choirs and little piano riffs and tunes.

I have to admit, it isn’t my favourite album of their but I like the journey they are going down. Tracks like See Me Now ,Sweet Emotions,Bad Habit and many more are all tracks that I am loving right now and I think as long as The Kooks don’t go too way off their who they are and start using auto tune and joining all the crazy bands out there then I will be happy.

I am a lover of alternative music and I feel the Kooks are combining alternative with alittle grove,soul and pop and those are two of favourite genre.

So keep up the great work guys!!!

And make sure you check out their album!!!


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