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After many months of getting my self together and discussing with a friend whether to actually buy the tickets or not. We finally took the leap of faith and brought two tickets to spend a Friday after in Earls Court…….but not everything was how i expected it to be.


Maybe i was just too excited for EGX but everyone just seemed pretty…….boring. I would of expected people to really be buzzing and looking forward to getting their hands on new games and demos but they just seemed like they were being forced to take part in EGX against their own will.

But i didn’t let that crusty atmosphere get me down. i continued to run around EGX and enjoy all i could of what was on offer.


FarCry 4

Hmmm…this was an interesting one. I guess i am already not a huge fan on FPS, so already i am not too keen on FarCry but after seeing the trailer and hearing that Troy Baker (the Brad Pitt of video games) was involved in the game, i had to check it out.

The game was really nice and combat was pretty smooth too. You were able to stealthy kill enemies from a decent distance and the enemies were not the usually dumb enemies that would look straight at you buy walk straight past, they actually would fight against you and make their kill and challenge.

Also, i believe this game should just get a 1 up for just allowing you to ride an elephant. That is awesome.


That loading screen….

literally, the loading screen was so long that people would walk away from the demo. i honestly don’t know anybody that likes a loading screen and this is honestly something they should consider looking at before the releasing the game.



Batman: Arkham Knight

After queuing longer than i should have and hearing “oh, it is just a couple of minutes longer” about a hundred times -.-, i was finally allowed to see the new Batman.

Well, i can say is that i was quite impressed actually. Although the enthusiastic and extremely excited speaker did help bring the awesomeness to the game, i was really impressed with the new features they added to the game.

  • Batmobile

That Batmobile was sooooo awesome and had little features that were really thought through in development. The design of the the Bat Mobile really compliments Batman in almost every situation….even combat.  batman could be knocking the brains out of and enemy and Bat Mobile would be happy to perform the final touch on the knockout. The Batmobile can even find you if you are not sure where you last parked it :O

The driving style can also be adjusted depending on the circumstance. For example if you find your self wanting to have more control of your driving in a tight space, you can adjust the wheels and make sure you don’t drop to your death in the Sexy Batmobile.

The Bat Mobile has just become more of an extension to Batman and makes the game even more enjoyable than it already is.

i actually just realised how much there is to say about the new Batman and i will probably have to make a whole new post for it. Don’t worry, i will post it as soon as possible.

BUTTT…back to the point of EGX, it wasn’t bad to be honest. i thought it would be better but maybe i just went at the wrong time or day but i think my next adventure shall be E3!!!

Overall i would recommend attending EGX but don’t expect any amazing and outstanding and don’t dress up or at least if you do, make sure you costume is incredible and there is no doubt you will win the cosplay competition….partly because nobody dressed up -.-




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