Wolf Among Us Review

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What a brilliant little game by Teltale Games.

I wasn’t really sure how this game was going to end and how I was going to feel about this game.
I was already a fan of The Walking Dead and once this started being released almost side by side with The Walking Dead, it became something I thought I could just watch until the releases of The Walking Dead episodes came out and not think anything of it but then I began to anticipate and enjoy every time the new Wolf Among Us episodes came out and I fell in love.

I remember hearing about Wolf Among Us for the first time and thinking it was just going to be a nothing silly remake of a fairy tale story that tries to make Cinderella all modern or” relatable”.

But that first episode.That just pulled me in.

The introduction to every character was unique and fresh and you could just feel an incredible story already unraveling in the first episode.

As your followed the story further on and played as the notorious Bigby Wolf, you begin to ask some many questions and receive so many unclear and misleading answer but that was what made the story so interesting and intriguing.

When you are dealing with any situation that is relating to a murder or unjust activity, decision you make are crucial and once again Teltale really put you in a position where you decision could change another characters life or change completely how other characters perceive and interact with you.

There were some moments that I thought the culprit was one person and then another but there were also some moment that I felt the story was dragging on abit and narrative was going anywhere.

This may just be because I was comparing it to Walking Dead Season 1 (which blew my mind) and compared to Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us came close but not as good.


The ending for The Wolf Among Us was brilliant!! I love how they included more action into the game and made your ability to make quick decision a must and priority.

The narrative was very fast paced and allowed all your questions to be answered (even some surprised answers were chucked in).

It was almost like, throughout all the episodes of The Wolf Among Us, you just wanted to see Bigby really let loose and go crazy but he always held back to prevent his health beginning at risk but finally he is allowed to go cray and go manic on all out hates characters and that was a very good feeling to watch in the final episode.

I also love how they have constructed every character. They all seemed quite realistic and logical in all their decision they made. And I really love how they made some characters really loveable some that you really grew to dislike.

Although all the characters are all based on fairy tale, they really were made to fit into the current world and I love how they done it so well and they contributed to my enjoyment of the story.

(There is also a brilliant twist at the end but I can’t review that. You have to play it for yourself)

I hope there is talk of a Season 2. I am not that hyped as I was when there was talk of The Walking Dead but I still want to see abit more of The Wolf Among Us and see what else they have to over.

Overall, it is a incredible game and story and should be played by everybody that enjoy a quality story that revolves around your decision.



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