The addiction to becoming that A Lister is unreal

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After my cousin informed me about some addictive game named after somebody I wasn’t so fond of, I thought I would never see myself downloading the Kim game let alone even playing.

But when you haven’t got anything better to do and you need time to kill, it is perfect.

This game is based around how to get yourself from a nobody to a somebody. You do tasks that you would expect anybody wanting to be in that industry would do, like photo shoots, guest appearance etc but….you are basically Kim Kardashian apprentice throughout the game until you are an A Lister. I would of preferred it if it was purely just me making my way up the celebrity ladder but she only bothered me a few times so I wasn’t that annoyed with her whilst playing the game.

To be honest I am not quite sure why it is so addictive but I think you just get a buzz after completely a task and getting rewarded with fans and those very rare and precious K Stars.

And I love the feature they added of saying that the event you are involved in is trending and they present your fame and success in a layout similar to a Twitter Feed.

It is such a clever and relevant way to present your fame in the game because now a days people are so absorbed in social media and can gain instant fame and following from just a retweet or favourite by the right person and next thing you know they are trending and being interviewed by every person with a tv show.

Although this is not a game I would play outside the comfort of my own home (to avoid unbelievable embarrassment), I think it is a great little game to pass the time and follow along with. The tasks get harder as you start to get better and as time goes on, you are quickly on your way to A Lister.

This game hasn’t made me like or dislike Kim anymore than I already did and despite if you are a hater or a fan, you should just give it a go.




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