Walking Dead Season 2: In Harms Way Review

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After what felt like such a long time, the day to become fully indulge in the Walking Dead world finally came.

With such a brilliant cliff-hanger left in the previous episode, i wasn’t really sure what direction they were really going to take with the story. I knew that “In Harms Way” was going to be a good story but honestly i didn’t think it would be that good.

We are introduced to several new characters who are part of William Carvers camp and we begin the get a deeper understanding of how others characters know each other and really want a type of monster Carver is.

We also see Clementine taking more of the reins in situations and having a the upper hands when deciding what plan they should go forward for. Clementine is no longer the little girl from Season 1 and we definitely see the badass Clem come forward in this episode.

Apart from being the best instalment to season 2, i also believe it was the darkness. Throughout the episode you really gain an insight into what people become during times like this and were your loyalties will lie. Throughout most of the episode in both season 1 + 2, we see many loved characters die or just go through some gruesome deaths but this episode. Well i would say it is most graphic one (Well,  depending on what decision you make at a a certain point) but death are just happening one after the other in this game. I think there was about 4 deaths in this episode and they were all lovely characters, apart from the last two deaths.

I don’t want to give out too much information without giving spoilers so this is why my review isn’t as detail as i want it to be but Walking Dead is such a personal experience it is really something you should watch yourself. With all the options to choose different answers and decisions, your story could be completely different to mine and i having your own personal story it what makes the game what it is.

Overall this episode is awesome!! Next to come is “Amid The Ruins” and i am looking forward to that. Amid The Ruins seems to be how the group is coping after In Harms Way. In Harms Way we meet a character called Jane who keeps herself to herself but knows her stuff and seems that she will take Clem under her wing in Amid The Ruins but we also see that Clem could be in danger if she sticks with the group and she could be deciding between staying with Jane or going with her group.

I am not so excited for the next episode based on the brief information i was given after playing episode 3 but who knows what will happen. I think In Harms Way is a difficult episode to follow with and it will be difficult to match but Telltale Games also seem to pull out something amazing.






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