Wolfenstein: The New Order

Game, Upcoming Games

This game seem very interesting. It isn’t really my kind of game but the idea behind the narrative seems like something that would do very well.

It is a game set in the 1960s and it is looking at the potential ending of World War II and what could of happened if the Germans had won the war.

We any type of narrative that looks at “What If” concepts there is a lot of creative leeway with that scenario and it allows developers to really try and imagine and create that world for gamers to feel like this could of really been a possibility.

I am never really a fan of first person shooters or just games with this sort of war element to it but the graphics look pretty decent in the game and the gameplay looks like it will be filled so engaging and enjoyable moments.

But i guess all we have to do now is await its release (20th May 2014) and see what that is like. I may do a review for this game but i am not sure yet.


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