The Evil Within

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Now. I am a big chicken when it comes to anything remotely scary. So this game isn’t already my cup of tea but i thought why not check it out, a game is a game at the end of the day and regardless of whether it is a horror game or an adventure game, the quality and potential of the game will still show through.

But in this case, i don’t think it did.
I tried to put my fear of horror games a side and watched the trailer for The Evil Dead Within and to be honest the trailer doesn’t really do a good job.

First of all, I really disliked the fact that they used actors in the trailer. For some reason that is a big dislike of mine when it comes to game trailers.

The use of actors made the trailer look like a really bad 80s horror film and really just made it difficult for me to stay interested in the trailer.


The one thing that i did gather from the trailer is that it was basically going to be a sickly game. Seems like the creators wanted to give the impression that their game will be filled with blood and mutant being that are going to creep the hell out of you.

I am not sure about the success of this game just based on the purely created trailer that i have seen but i know gameplay is available but i don’t even want to watch that to be honest.


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