Erm, Where is Walking Dead

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I have been so excited and finding it hard to wait for Episode 3 of Walking Dead (In Harms Way) and was praying that after the delayed release (15th April) it would hopefully be released on 6th May.


It is now 8th May…and i see no Walking Dead. And now i am being told 13th May. So i am sorry about my previous post and also dragging you in the same boat of waiting for 6th to come. Lets all hope that the wait will be worth it. I mean i can understand that Walking Dead is probably one of their most popular games and they are working their asses off trying to produce something decent and they know they will get attacked if it is even below the typical Telltale standard BUT….there is also such a long wait.


I know that another one of their great games (The Wolf Among Us) isn’t necessarily my favourite but it is always released in decent time and the wait for that doesn’t feel that long…well not for me anyway but Telltale need to bring out episode 3 soon as other wise i am going to go crazy.

I am tired of waiting and i would like to be reunited with Clem and the newly appointed gang :S


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