Gone Home

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Hmm, im not really quite sure how i feel about his game. My feelings were all being built up to experience a horror game but it was the complete opposite (but had a read the background of the game, i wouldn’t of had this confusion so i would suggest that before hand)

With the atmosphere set in a dark abandoned house whilst the lightening and rain is rushing down, i thought there were going to be countless jump scares and creepy moments that make you regret even clicking play but this game was more of a explorative/narrative kind of game and you go on a journey learning about a character called Sam and the crisis she is going through.

I guess all i could say about this game is that it was different. Although i found the ending quite predictable, it was just a refreshing game to all the other games i have been looking at lately. The gameplay was quite good but i don’t think that is really a statement i could make because i wouldn’t really consider this game even having any gameplay. To be honest this game was just an interactive story and i think it is something everyone should play then gather their own understanding and experience of the game.

If someone told me to play this game and that it was purely just an interactive story and just explore a house i wouldn’t even what to know the name of the game and waste my time investigating it but it did keep me hooked for a good hour without becoming distract so there is an element of the game that drags you in and keeps you interested but the endingโ€ฆ.well i wasn’t too impressed :S


But overall this game isn’t bad, i would like to see more of what The Fullbright Company can offer and whether they can create something with bait more substance.





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