Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

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I remember when i first heard about the release of this game in 2012 and being incredibly excited. I really enjoyed Underworld and couldn’t wait to see how this title would turn out.

When i heard about there being a prequel of all the tomb raider games i was excited but as footage was release and more information was given about what the game will look like and how it will work, my excited was damped.

They had picked a new voice for Lara!!

I always loved Keely Hawes voice acting with Lara. i felt that it was sophisticated and classy but also brought power and that strong character that Lady Croft carries. When hearing that they had re-casted Camilla Luddington, i was not that happy to be honest and when i heard her voice, i was furious. I thought her voice sounded baby and didn’t carry at all the personality and strength that Ms Croft had.

But then i began to realise that the story was all about Lara Croft growing into the Tomb Raider that we know and all the lessons she learns along the way. But this was also something that i didn’t like as well.

Different type of Lara

We see Lara from a whole different light in this game. With most of the Tomb Raider games we see Lara as the Lara after all the trauma and lessons that she has learnt and we briefly get an idea of who her parents were and a glimpse of her childhood but we are never really taken completely back to when her life changed.

Although i was excited about this new perspective on the story of Lara, i wasn’t sure whether it could be done, especially with the voice actor changed but when i began to see the work that the game developers had put into the game and that they really understand the pressure and weight of making this game exceptional and it didn’t put my worries at rest that i could see that they really wanted to get it right.

The final verdict after gameplay!!

To be honest i was happy with how they had pulled of the game. The pace of the game was brilliant and the gradual progression of Lara changing in the story was well crafted and was interesting to see. Although it was hard to adjust to at first and see Lara so weak was frustrating but i like how they ended the game and linked it back to the Croft we know.

It was great that they allowed you to upgrade and improve weapons throughout the game and improve how Lara performs. This feature not only shows Lara but also allow you to grow as a player as you enhance your skills throughout the game and get a hang of all the different aspects in the game.


Now here about this was something i was not happy with. At first i thought it was a little extra instalment that was linked to the previous game but no. Turns out it was just a game that looks better and was just put in place to make money from the franchise BUT…..when i actually saw the graphics of the definitive collection i was surprise and actually thought it looks quite decent.

The detail in the hair and the new attention to detail in the colours and tones used in the different locations Lara is in are fresh and beautiful. I don’t know if i would buy the definitive collection but if you haven’t got the original but want to buy the game then i would just hop straight to that one.

Sooo, after that whole rant, overall i think it is a great game and the definitive edition looks great and should be something to consider if you haven’t got the game already. I am not sure what step they will take next if there is another title on the table.




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