The Last of Us 2??

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After purchasing May 2014 Playstation issue I came across a really interesting and exciting article about a possible 2nd instalment of The Last of Us.

Here are some of the statements given to this idea in the article.

To make that ending truly mean something you’re going to have to learn to let go

Louise Blain

I’ve got no problem with The Last of Us 2 being a thing, but any sequel has to avoid being ‘Joel and Ellie 2

Leon Hurley

The Left Behind DLC proves Naughty Dog has a limitless capacity for storytelling

Ben Wilson

The Last of Us is a perfect one-off story. Naughty Dog should leave it as a standalone masterpiece and create a new IP

Dave Meikleham

I think all these comments all make sense and I all share my opinion with all these people but I feel I mostly agree with Leon Hurley and Ben Wilson.

I don’t believe that if a second title was created it should just be focused on Ellie and Joel again. We loved being on the journey with Ellie and Joel and watching how their relationship grows together but I feel it will just be overkill to see it again. Maybe we can get more of an insight into other characters brought up in the game like Riley or Marlene or Tess etc.

I also agree with Ben because with success of The Last of Us on Naughty Dogs back they once again rose to the challenge to produce an outstanding DLC (Left Behind). This shows me and everyone else that has also fallen in love with The Last of Us, that they can easily transfer from one character to the other and make it just as creative and magical.

BUT I think about how The Last of Us was and that brings me to agreeing with Dave’s comment. I would hate to see a sequel of The Last of Us that was poorly made and not do justice to the original. I would rather be satisfied with just The Last of Us and several little DLC on the side than have a really disappointing 2nd game.

So if a second game is on the table then I am not going to deny that I will be very excited but I am always cautious about sequels and always worried that they won’t pull it off so if there isn’t a 2nd game then I will be happy just will some cool DLCs and replaying The Last of Us.

What do you guys think, let me know!!


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