The Last of Us – Left Behind

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Naughty Dog couldn’t just leave everyone happy with their incredible title (The Last of Us) in 2013, they had to go and wow us again with their powerful DLC, Left Behind

I remember when this was first announced and everyone was eager and going crazy to find out what it was all about and the story with Ellie and the Riley that we briefly heard of in the original game.

When I finally got the chance to see the DLC, it captured my heart and just brought back the love I had for The Last of Us. It was a beautiful little story that just allowed you to see such a large moment in Ellie’s life. With just playful gameplay, you really begin to focus on who Riley is and their friendship together and everything about the DLC really just felt real. I could almost see myself and my friends in the friendship that they had together and as the DLC comes to an end you really feel the emotions with Ellie and Riley and somehow relate, despite not having the experience in a post apocalyptic world.

I feel Naughty Dog really pulled off a task that not many games are able to pull off, and that is being able to capture pure human behaviour and make it seem real. Every single gesture, every single word was just on point and near perfect. Without this, Left Behind would be a complete fail and it would just be empty and no different to any other zombie game.

I knew Naughty Dog would pull off something great but I never thought it would be that good.
I just thought it was just real and really raw and authentic and I just wanted more once it had ended. You really begin to see the playful childlike side to Ellie that you have never seen before and it is definitely a DLC that every gaming should experience.




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