Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

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Sucker Punch have done an incredible job with the previous Infamous games and they weren’t planning to produce any less when they decided to make Second Son.

With a whole new character, voiced by the incredibly talented Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite) you just knew that the character was going to be exceptional. I feel Sucker Punch really thought about who Delsin Rowe was going to be and how his powers and abilities were going to reflect that. Troy Baker was brilliantly able to portrays Delsin personality and by the end of the game you fall in love with the witty and slightly cocky Conduit that he is.

Now that Infamous was on a whole new console, it gave Sucker Punch more to experiment with and more ideas to see how they could give the player more of an interactive experience.

Second son really takes advantage of the new touchpad feature and incorporates it in 70% (estimate) of the gameplay.

The next generation graphics also help with the lovely world Sucker Punch have developed for Second Son. The graphics are clean and run smoothly and definitely replicate near reality.


There is so much detail in the city’s that Delsin is dropped in, that you can’t just play this game once and feel satisfied. Second son is all about making the city your own and taking over the D.U.P and with cities designed with such thought and detail it is only a pleasure to destroy every drone or solider in the city so you can roam free and explore as you please.

Like all the other Infamous games you are given the option of playing with good or bad karma. These decision ultimately decide whether you come out as the hero or whether you appear as the “Bio- Terrorist” that everyone fears.

Good karma is the one that hopefully everyone picked ๐Ÿ™‚ but with so many fun opportunities on the bad karma, there is no harm is going back and replaying the game to see what could of happened, had you made some decisions differently. And with so many super powers at hand, it would be a shame to only use them to be a goodie goodie two shoes.

Also, the great thing about this game is that although you comes across some “bad” characters that you would really like to get your revenge on or punish, you are always presented with another side to the story or another perspective that really allows you as a gamer to think about what is really important and what results you really want as Delsin.
This idea they have created is much more than just making Delsin the hero but also the gamer, really involving them with decision making and chooses justice (hopefully) over revenge. This really allows the person to think more as the character rather than just the gamer controlling the character.

The side missions involved in this game are endless and really give this game tremendous replay value. The side missions essentially allow you to go further than the ending and really continue to be the hero or villain that you wanted to become.

Overall, I think this was a excellent game but at times found difficult to remain engaged with the story. There was no lagging and the loading times were too a minimal. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite game of 2014 but has definitely been a decent release on the next generation console.




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