What is going on Naughty Dog?


After Naughty Dog being at their best after the incredible release of The Last of Us in 2013, you would think they would all be working hard to produce the greatly anticipated Uncharted 4 but no?

With Amy Henning, Justin Richmonds, Nate Wells and now Todd Stashwick leaving the company, it makes me question the performance that Naughty Dog will have with their upcoming title.

I don’t believe all hope has gone though, due to Naughty Dog still having some excellent contributors to the Uncharted series left. Hopefully Naughty Dog will get their act together and keep up outstanding level of work.

Maybe all those that have left have done all they can ย for Uncharted 4 and just gone on to better things and Uncharted is quite far into development. But that could just be very wishful thinking. :S


Have look hereย for more information


What do you guys think?


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