Watch Dogs Trailer

Game, Upcoming Games

I have been excited about this game for longer than i can remember and i am hoping that the delayed released date is worth the wait.

The next generation console have proven to bring us some really good looking games but i feel this game will really set the bench mark for other games to follow.

Not only does the graphics look incredible and the detail in the game has been well thought out, i feel the story behind this game is just as detailed. The detail they have put into every single character you encounter is this game is incredible and the possibilities available in the game is revolutionary. Having a narrative that really focuses around what society is all about (technology and connecting) is a brilliant idea and is something that an audience will be able to understand and relate to and give a gamer the opportunity to be the ultimate hacker.

Now a days, games are really starting to experiment with what they can do to enhance the experience for the gamer. Games are becoming more explorative and “free roaming” and not just based around one mission and I really feel this is going to be a brilliant example of these types of games.

Ubisoft have really gone the extra mile to make sure this game works smoothly with the next gen console so hopefully when 27th May arrives no next gen user will be disappointed.

I will hopefully be able to review this game when it is released and give a better review the whole thing.

Fingers crossed, it will be as epic as i expect.


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