Thief – Is it really worth the trouble?

Game Reviews

One of the newest release with the next generation consoles but did it really show the best of what the new consoles can do?

A game that really encourages the stealth gamer within you to stay in the shadows and complete missions, is really what this game is about. It is all about finding the best loot and staying out of sight and the game really builds tension and encourages you to think strategically and take your time but also to just take an opportunity when it arises and go for it.

Throughout the narrative you meet a character called Erin who you eventually have to hunt down until you find her. The build up to where she has gone and why she has disappeared really causes you the follow the game and want to find out more about the fate of Erin. The story is filled up with questions and cliff hangers but the ending is merely just an anti-climax and a disappointment.

It is not even an ending that is open ended so you can decide what happens to the girl or even gather some understanding of some questions in the game. I just feel it was a very poorly thought out ending that could of been much better and more satisfying.

Overall, i feel this game was quite good. The graphics were excellent and there was no lagging or long loading times. With some excellent parts in the game that really made you feel scared and tense, i feel this game explored some of the next generation features, like the new touch pad feature on the controller.

BUT on the other hand, what really ruined this game was the ending. I feel this way because of the large build up to find out this ending. It was almost as if the ending was rushed and just put together last minute. The ending is what gives me a gamer that completed feeling an if it is a empty and thoughtless ending then it really ruins the whole game for me and is why i feel this game isn’t really worth anyones time.




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