The Last of Us – The Start of an Evolution in Gaming

Game Reviews

After having this game for a while, i finally plucked up the courage to play it with a dear friend of mine. It was just as awesome as i expected it to be. Excellent graphics and voice acting and a brilliant narrative. You truly felt that you were definitely part of the journey in the post apocalyptic world.

You meet a large variety of characters throughout the story, that i feel could really reflect society during these times and these emotions and feelings really make playing the game a real experience. You really become connected to Joel and Ellie ( i even remember even shedding a tear at one point in the game)and that is due to the incredible voice acting and detail placed in this characters. Even when the game ends you still want to play more and even when the DLC was released ( Left Behind) that was just as good. Due to such a well throughout story, the DLC really allows you to gain an insight in the history of those characters and what makes them who they are.

The zombies in this game are not like your regular zombies. The variety of zombies allows the gamer to choose how they decide to approach the situation. i heard that you could actually complete the whole game in stealth but stealth wasn’t really my style but with such a large range of zombies throughout like Clickers,Runners and oh my gosh the Bloaters, you an decide whether you run in full guns blazing or sneak around and leave without disturbing anyone.

Being a Naughty Dog fan for as long as i can remember definitely made me have high expectation for this game but it didn’t disappoint. If you want a game with brilliant gameplay but also a hooking story that you will follow to the end, then i absolutely recommend The Last of Us.

I couldn’t think of any fault for this game apart from the fact that every time you were literally on the edge of your seat and your heart was racing at 100 miles an hour, you would hear and see Ellie, Tess etc just running around like it is happy days and maybe they could of made all the other players have an impact on the stealth side of the mission as you do. I can imagine this would make the game quite challenging since you aren’t really in control of the other characters but since i couldn’t really find any fault with this game i guess this is all i can think of.

Overall, i would consider this game one of my favourite games of 2013 and would encourage any gamer to play this game. A real masterpiece of gaming and will never be forgotten. Well Done Naughty Dog.





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