Beyond Two Souls – Setting the Narratives for Games

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I would consider this game one of my favourite games of last year, closely followed by the amazing The Last of Us 

A brilliant title directed and written by David Cage from Quantic Dream. You are taken on a journey with the protagonist, Jodie Holmes and you explore different stages throughout her life.

From the start of this game you already know that she is not a “regular” child and her life is surrounded by this entity she is tided to. You begin to learn how she lives with this entity and how she has managed to become connected to this entity.

The narrative is like a massive jigsaw puzzle and as the gamer it is your responsibility to make the right choices and gather an understanding of Jodie’s life with the entity. Jodie’s life is action packed filled with CIA and childhood traumas that make her the final woman you see at the end but the real magic is her journey in between.

With a story filled with some many circumstances and situation that really try to put the gamer in a position where they would have to react like it was reality is something that Beyond do very well. A game with many alternative endings really gives quite a lot of freedom to how the gamer wishes to play through the story.

To review this game was something i found very difficult. This game is hard to put in words and to explain. It something that could easily be compared to a film rather than a game just due to the heavy narrative and the very simple gameplay.






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